Take Two.

So my first and only post on this blog was over 2 years ago. Awesomeee. Now that I’m half way through University and more used to writing and generally being literate than I was during my gap year, I think I’ll give it another shot.

Which doesn’t necessarily mean no more pictures of Ian Somerhalder.

I figured the best way to get into a habit would be to write about TV episodes, seeing as they occur on a fairly regular basis. I am British, but I generally prefer American TV to that produced by my own country, despite me having a very English, sarcastic sense of humour. On a side note, spell check is telling me that I’ve spelt “humour” wrong, because I’ve spelt it the English way. Which happens to be the proper way to spell it. (Pet peeve, guys.)

So anyway. The shows I’m watching regularly at the moment are The Vampire Diaries, Glee, Person of Interest and The Following. Past favourites (spelt correctly) include Lost, Desperate Housewives, Friends and 24. I’m also into Once Upon A Time, Big Bang Theory and NCIS, but I’m not really up to date on those at the moment.

As I’m coming up to the exam period for my second year at Uni, it wouldn’t be the best idea for me to start watching these shows again from the beginning right now. I will therefore review/recap the remaining episodes of the seasons (all coming to an end fairly soon), and then start from scratch over my lovely long summer break. I am as yet undecided about how in-depth these posts will be, or in what format I’m going to do them, so they will probably develop and change quite significantly as I write more of them (assuming that I do actually write more than one post every 2 years).

First up: Glee 4×19 – Sweet Dreams.



I’m gonna attempt to make a blog.

It probably won’t last, and I have no idea what I’ll write about, and I’m pretty sure nobody is gonna read it…but I’m gonna try anyway.

First task – try and figure out how to personalise this thing. As much as I love trees and sheep and whatnot, I’d rather the picture at the top of the page reflected my personality a bit more…

In which case it will probably end up being a picture of Ian Somerhalder.

In fact, I think I’ll put one here.



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